Plan and instructions for entering the showground

General Traffic Guidelines

The following guidelines must be strictly observed, to facilitate the overall efficient traffic management at Marina Bay Sands:

1) A truck permit is required for all vehicles accessing the center. Please contact Marina Bay Sands directly to receive the proper form.

2) Only goods vehicles will be allowed entry. All private passenger vehicles, inclusive of Sports Utility Vehicles (SUV) and Multi-Purpose Vehicles (MPV) will not be allowed entry.

3) The speed limit within Marina Bay Sands premise is fifteen (15) Kilometers per hour. Vehicles caught exceeding the speed limit will be barred from entering Marina Bay Sands.

4) No long-term or over-night parking is allowed at the loading docks. Vehicles must leave immediately after unloading / loading operations.

5) A cash-card gantry system will be operational at the Access Ramp.

Load-In / Load-Out Approved Routes

There are various routes for load-in / load-out operations within the Sands Expo & Convention Center, subject to approval by the Logistics team:

     •   Access to Marina Bay Sand meeting spaces shall be via the Freight Elevators located near Marina Bay Sands

         Basement 4 MICE Loading Dock or via the freight elevators located at Hall A (Level 1) and Hall D (Basement 2).

     •   Load-in via the Hall A is not permitted.

     •   Given that the fair will be taking place in Hall D, load-in via Hall D is permitted.

     •   All vehicles must have the driver’s contact details on the vehicles’ windshield, for emergency contact purpose.

     •   All contractors must display their working passes prominently at all times when working in the property.

     •   For events where the access passes for the contractors are not issued by the Organizer, the Center will issue the
       passes. Organizer must ensure that passes are issued only to legitimate workers who fulfilled all relevant
       requirements of MOM.

     •   For use of additional load in/load out areas that are not part of the facilities contract contact your
         Exhibition Manager for rental rates.

     •   Only vehicles with appropriate / valid vehicle passes or supporting documents to the event will be
         allowed into the property. Download your vehicle pass


Marina Bay Sands Logistics Team may amend the truck access guidelines as it deems fit to facilitate any last-minute or ad-hoc requests.


For more information, please contact Marina Bay Sands


Marina Bay Sands

24-Hour Security Hotline

Tel: +65 6688-0999


Marina Bay Sands

MICE Customer Services Center

Tel: +65 6688-3888

Fax: +65 6688-3889

Download your vehicule entry pass here !